Is Leasing for me?

Are you curious about whether Leasing is right for you?

At Cambridge Volkswagen, We Will Help You Make the Right Decision

Here are a few qualifiers that can help you determine on whether you should take a closer look at leasing your next vehicle.

  • Do you drive less than 30,000kms annually?
  • Do you like the thought of always have manufacturer warranty protection
  • Would you like to a get a New car every 3-4 year?
  • Would you like to have affordable servicing costs?
  • Have your been involved in a car accident before ( whether at fault or not )?

In our experience, here are a few of the most commonly asked questions by our 1st time lessees


What will happen if I have damages on the car, when it is time to return?
You are allowed a reasonable amount of wear and tear. You will receive and information package on what is considered acceptable and what is considered excess, along with a tool to measure scratches, paintless door dings etc.. Most dealerships are able to offer a leasing protection plan that will cover excess wear and tear items.
There is a per KM charge + HST. This would be identified in the lease agreement. You want to spend extra time here when making your final decision to purchase. Look at how many KM’s you drive a month. Consider you leisure activities and any factors that could be changing for you within the term of the lease agreement.
If there was wrapping or decals, they would need to be removed. Modifying anything with the mechanical, electrical, body etc.. for performance or cosmetic related purposes, would need to be restored to original form.
There are a few different ways. If it is not too far into the lease, then a Lease takeover is an easy way. VW offers a Lease Pull Ahead program, combined with a loyalty interest rate reduction towards your next New VW. Many dealerships will offer to buy a customer out of their lease. This works the same as if you owned the vehicle ( without the tax savings benefit)

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