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Aaron Hansen is our dealerships Lease Portfolio Manager & Sales Manager. He is dedicated to help ensure that your maturing lease is a simple and efficient process. Aaron will assist you in answering any lease end questions that you may have. Whether you are looking at returning your Volkswagen or stepping into a new and exciting Volkswagen, he will help guide you in the desired direction.


Feel free to contact Aaron at or (main line) 519-621-8989 / (direct line) 226-765-2250.


Important Lease End Services contact information:


DataScan Lease Inspection: 1-800-268-6639
Customer Care: 1-800-668-8224


Scheduling of a lease end inspection: 


  • Your lease-end inspection is completed by a company called DataScan, on behalf of VW Finance. Please have your VIN# ready when you call.
  • DataScan will set an appointment with you to send out an agent to inspect your vehicle. This inspection can take place at either your home,office or dealership, whichever is more convenient to you.
  • The inspection will take approximately 30 minutes.
  • The agent will provide you with a copy of the inspection report upon completion. If any excessive wear & tear damages is noted, you can rectify prior to delivery to avoid penalties. Please keep a detailed receipt or invoice of any work performed to correct the damage, as VW Finance requires this to waive the charges.
  • We recommend you contacting DataScan at least 4-6 weeks in advance of your lease's end date.